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Contract Administrator Services

Contract Administrator Services

At Cyril Orchard Group we provide Contract Administrator Services for a wide range of clients and the projects. We manage the contract between the employer and the building contractor. It is a critical role to ensure the smooth running and management of a building contract.


With a wealth of experience across all property sectors and a depth knowledge of contractual ability to solve problems we are well placed to ensure our clients receive maximum value for their investment.

Principal Designer

Construction, Design & Management (CDM) - Principal Designer

The Contractual (Design and Management) Regulation 2015 provide a legal framework to ensure that health and safety is maintained with the construction industry. 

At Cyril Orchard Group we have been providing CDM services to the construction industry since 1998. We are careful to ensure that the necessary statutory requirements are complied with whilst maintaining ... and necessary paperwork.

Firstly, the Client has a duty to make suitable arrangements for managing a project. Cyril Orchard Group can provide the client with independent health and safety advice to supplement their own skills, knowledge and experience. We can also provide input on the appointment of other duty holders. The Client also has a duty to make sure that relevant information is prepared and provided to other duty holders.

If Cyril Orchard Group are appointed as your Principal Designer, we can help and advise you on the collation of pre-construction information and provide the information which designers and contractors need to carry out their duties. The Client also has a duty to ensure that the Principal Designer and the Principal Contractor carry out their duties effectively. As the Principal Designer Cyril Orchard Group can manage your project from conception through to a successful completion.​​

Cyril Orchard Group have provided principal designer services to several historic properties on behalf of Churches, Local Authorities as well as the Home Office and Merseyrail.

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